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Your child’s important to our team at Citywide Services.

Schools are provided with a three-week menu twice a year which includes dishes which are both healthy and appealing to children.

You can see our primary school menu on our website or you can download a PDF copy of our three-week menu to print at home.

Theme days

Throughout the school year we run a series of theme days, that are based on the curriculum, national events ad other topics. Each theme day has a new exciting menu developed to widen the variety of foods your child eats and introduce them to new and exciting dishes.

Dietary requirements

We have a wide range of dietary menu’s available at your school office. However, if you child has medical dietary requirement, we ask parents to contact your school office who will arrange a meeting between yourself, the school, the on-site catering staff, and our menu development team to ensure we are meeting your child’s individual medical requirements.

Menus are available on the website, on meal selector and in a paper format at your child’s school office.

All our menus comply with School Food Standards and all new dishes are tested by children before being added to the menu. Fresh fruit, salad and semi skimmed milk are always provided with our meals.

We are committed to delivering a responsible catering service and minimising our impact on the environment. Our fish is MSC certified - MSC certification is a way of showing a fishery meets international best practice for sustainable fishing. We also use several free range and Red Tractor approved ingredients throughout our menus.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about any of our services please let us know

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