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Benefits of a school meal

A balanced meal is so important to help children’s development and attainment. That’s why we only use quality ingredients in our food.

In order for our food to be eaten at its best, all our meals are cooked freshly every day. Fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered on a regular basis, sourced from local farmers and food growers, to ensure the quality remains high.

  • All our ingredients are certified and traceable
  • Our dishes are freshly prepared on site
  • No salt is added to vegetables and potatoes during cooking. Instead, herbs, spices and lemon juice are used to enhance natural flavours
  • Our meals do not contain products made from reformed or reconstituted foods
  • No fish are served from the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘fish to avoid’ list. All fish products (breaded and in batter) have a natural-coloured coating and are suitable for oven baking.
  • Our sausages are made from locally reared pigs. The sausages are low in salt and have had the fat content reduced. Our burgers contain 80 per cent meat – and no artificial colourings or flavourings. Both products are oven baked rather than fried
  • Fresh semi-skimmed milk is supplied
  • Frozen or fresh vegetables are used in preference to tinned vegetables (which often contain artificial colouring, salt, and sugar).
  • Our potato products (chips, sauté, roast etc) are oven baked
  • We work closely with our suppliers to continually reduce the amount of fat, sugar, and salt in the food we purchase
  • All our meat is Red Tractor Assured, it is from suppliers that satisfy UK animal welfare standards
  • Our eggs are from free range hens and certified by the ‘Good Egg Scheme’
  • Wholegrain products are used in our recipes wherever possible
  • Our dishes do not contain trans-fats
  • No genetically modified ingredients are used

How to contact us

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