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Meal selector

Citywide offer online meal pre-order in our primary schools.

Dishes are pre-ordered and paid at home, cooked to order and pupils press their name on the touchscreen at lunchtime, telling the cook who they are, what they ordered and identifying dishes they can’t have. When a meal is served, the cook presses a button which adjusts the pupil’s account.


  • Every pupil gets what they want at the hotplate
  • Parental involvement in meal choice
  • Ingredient’s listings, recipes and nutritional analysis can be viewed
  • Flexibility – you can order that morning or up to a term in advance
  • Greater awareness of a child’s special dietary needs.

Pre order in the classroom

Some of our schools allow classroom pre-order via the touchscreen smartboard in every classroom. Please ask your school office if this is offered at your school.

Note: any orders placed from home are final and cannot be changed in the classroom.

Pre order from home

Orders can be placed online from home or on the move via the online app.

You can order up to 9.30am on any given day or as far in advance as whole term. Orders can be placed on a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

We encourage all parents to order with their children and not for their children.

How to order

Please log on the links below to access your child’s account:

How to contact us

If you have any questions about any of our services please let us know

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